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Thermodynamics For Dummies

Thermodynamics For Dummies — Free Sample Chapter

This book guides you score your highest in a thermodynamics course by offering easily understood, explanations of how energy is used in things like automobiles, airplanes, air conditioners, and electric power plants.

  • Thermodynamics 101 — take a look at some examples of both natural and man-made thermodynamic systems and get a handle on how energy can be used to perform work
  • Turn up the heat — discover how to use the first and second laws of thermodynamics to determine (and improve upon) the efficiency of machines
  • Oh, behave — get the 411 on how gases behave and relate to one another in different situations, from ideal-gas laws to real gases
  • Everything about conserving mass and energy in combustion processes.

Wiley’s Engineering for Dummies – Free 66 Page Sampler

Free 66 Page Sampler Wiley’s Engineering for Dummies Book Bundle

This e-book bundle includes selected materials from 5 recently published titles in Wiley’s expansive catalog of titles.

Titles Include:

  • Mechanics of Materials For Dummies
  • Statics For Dummies
  • Thermodynamics For Dummies
  • Optics For Dummies
  • Signals and Systems For Dummies

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